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Hooray for Adventure! [entries|friends|calendar]
Rosie Ianni

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Um.. help? [17 Nov 2003|07:47pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I need some help with the commander's test on all the stations. I can't fly very well.. or navigate.. or handle the T.O. situations..

But you'll all help me, right??

Thanks! ^_^!

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Um.. YEAH! [16 Nov 2003|10:47am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I feel kind of bad for not posting in so long! So look! Here! I'm posting!!


Um... I named my bear Melvin! He's so cute!

...Okay, so I'm bored. But I think Suzee's in the team room! Maybe she'll play chess with me!

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Hooray! [03 Nov 2003|07:01am]
[ mood | hyper ]

I drew an icon for myself!! I wish you could have more than three! <3

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What a day! [03 Nov 2003|06:31am]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was great. We woke up and had breakfast and I <3 breakfast cuz that's like the best time of the day to talk to everyone! ^_^ Even though Harlan is kinda snappish and all and that's not nice, but it's okay. I understand. He's still sleepy. And sometimes Suzee forgets we're all there and she says something to Catalina. ^_^ And then she turns all pink, and that makes me laugh because she almost looks Mercurian.

OH! ComPost duty is SO the best. Harlan flies the ship and he's all, "Yay! I'm flying the ship!" And it makes his so cute! He's got this expression like ^_^ when he's flying and you can really tell he wants to be a STARDOG. Hi, Harlan!! And I sit at the communications console. It's got pretty lights on it, and at first I wasn't sure what all of them did, but I think I know now. And every once in a while we'll get hailed (Hailing is what the commander calls it!) And I'll have to respond and it's cool. Or warm. Something like that. ^^

Oh, and we had class, and Harlan complained about something. I always tell everyone not to complain, but they never listen! Anyway, Miss Davenport gave us a really neat assignment. We have to do a book report! A long time ago she found all these old books in the cargo hold, and they were all written in Common (Weird, huh?) and I get to read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Harper's a pretty name, I think.

Oh, and Cat! If you can get anymore information about Yensidian medicine, I'd love you forever! ^_^ <3

Luv y'all!


YAY! [02 Nov 2003|08:25pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, everyone! I'm Rosie!! <3 I'm still workin' on setting up my journal, but feel free to leave comments! I love talking to people! <3

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